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Internships & Fellowships

     Many zoos and other botanical institutions offer student internships. This is an excellent way for college students to receive actual on-the-job experience and training in zoo horticulture. It's a great way for students to investigate the field of zoo horticulture as a potential career choice!

 Institution Position
End Date
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Apprenticeship Open
Palo Alto CollegeHorticulture Intern 09/01/2023

AZH Internship Program

     The Association of Zoological Horticulture recognizes the importance of the professional standing of those working in the specialized field of zoo horticulture. AZH promotes the contributions made by horticulture to the success of zoos and the establishment of effective habitat exhibits. AZH works to encourage persons to make zoo horticulture their vocation. To this end, AZH has established the "AZH Internship Program" to assist zoos in accomplishing projects that enhance the zoo experience and bring attention to the importance of horticulture.

Internship Program Guidelines:

Project types - Any special project in a zoo setting that seeks to promote the advancement of any of the following:

  • Horticulture in zoos.
  • The establishment or improvement of habitat exhibits.
  • The survey and identification of plant collections.
  • The establishment of wildflower or native plant landscape areas.
  • Educational programs promoting the awareness of the inter-dependency of plants, animals, and habitat.

Length of project - The internship must be within the calendar year the funds are requested.

Interns - It is suggested that interns be drawn from local vocational schools or colleges and should be students who have an interest in conservation, horticulture or habitat restoration.

Sponsoring institution - Any accredited AZA institution or member of AZH may apply for the internship stipend. Preference shall be given in the awarding of the stipends to qualified AZH member institutions.

Limitations - The stipend is given to encourage zoo horticulture and to advance special horticulture related projects. The funds are not intended to be used for routine garden or grounds maintenance.

You must be a member of AZH to apply for this Internship


Longwood Gardens Fellows Program

     Longwood Gardens, whose influence on American horticulture is seen through its vast education curricula, recently launched a new, 13-month Fellows Program. The fully funded cohort-based residency at Longwood allows Fellows to delve into topical issues relevant to public horticulture today such as leadership, board relations and governance, communication skills, change management, innovation, and HR/talent management. A two-month field placement provides a deeper understanding of these issues, equipping Fellows to lead organizations into a vibrant and sustainable future. Alumni of the Fellows Program join the prestigious Society of Fellows, a global network of public garden professionals.

     "Our founder, Pierre S. du Pont, was a visionary business leader and had a desire to establish a school where students would receive education in the art of horticulture," said Paul B. Redman, Executive Director of Longwood Gardens. "Since 1967, thousands of students from all over the world have participated in our education programs and have gone on to leadership roles in many of the world's top horticultural institutions. This new Fellows Program carries with it the legacy of its beginnings, with a consciousness of the fast-growing demands on leaders in our industry."

     Longwood worked collaboratively with the world's leading horticulture and education professionals to create the framework for the program.

     Applications will be available on August 1 and are due November 1. Nominations for qualified, high-caliber individuals are also being accepted through October 1. The Program begins in June. It is open to global professionals who hold a bachelors degree and possess a strong desire to lead in a public horticulture environment. Masters and doctoral candidates from domestic and international universities, early- to mid-career professionals currently working in the public horticulture sector, and those who may be transitioning between careers are welcome to apply. To learn more, visit www.longwoodgardens.org/education/longwood-fellows.

     Longwood Gardens is the living legacy of Pierre S. du Pont, inspiring people through excellence in garden design, horticulture, education, and the arts. Visit www.longwoodgardens.org for more information.

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