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AZH is an organization of professional horticulturists that work in the specialized field of zoo horticulture. AZH works to highlight the importance of plants within zoos and aquariums, and seeks to support the horticulturists who work in a zoological setting. Zoo horticulture encompasses a wide range of activities which requires a diversity of knowledge and skills in gardening, plant identification/selection, landscape development/management, plant-animal interactions, plant toxicity, animal browse production, etc. Just imagine a zoo without plants and you will agree, plants make the difference!

We are delighted that you are our guest! Please take this opportunity to learn about AZH, its efforts in promoting zoo horticulture and conservation, and its mission of helping zoo horticulturists enhance their knowledge and skills. If you work in a zoo or aquarium, we hope you will consider joining AZH and enjoy the benefits of AZH membership!

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